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The Divine Rudraksh Collection


You are now looking at a unique piece of art, handcrafted with 22K & 18K gold and “The gem of beads", the rudraksha. Rudrakshas are the dried seeds of a tree that grow predominantly in the Himalayas, at the border between India and Nepal.

The rudrakshas used in our jewelry are five- faced beads or panchmukhi that can be worn by man, woman and child alike, for general well-being, health & freedom. For anyone who is constantly on the move, a rudraksha is believed to create a protective cocoon of your own energy, warding off negativity and untimely events.

Extensive scientific research proves that rudrakshas have certain electro-magnetic properties and when worn against the skin, lowers blood pressure, cools the body, strengthens the heart and brings a certain calmness and alertness to the nervous system. When we wear rudraksha we are literally carrying sacks of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen against our bodies, increasing negative ion levels and soaking up the vibration of pure living organisms.


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