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Arya means “extraordinary” as well as “treasure” in ancient Sanskrit, which adheres to our brand's eternal mood.  At Arya Trinkets & Threads, we specialize in sustainable, slow fashion and accessories. We enjoy making price-conscious, stylish RTW as well as custom designs with a focus on traditional, artisanal textile techniques.

Madhu, the creator at Arya, started dreaming of becoming a designer at the age of 9 and grew up to pursue and receive her Bachelors and Masters degrees in fashion design and merchandising. She has been in the global fashion circuit for 8 years- in India, the U.K., and the U.S.A.


Being the 5th generation in a family of jewelers in India, Madhu segued into jewelry design. Arya’s unconventional design aesthetic stems from this happy accident. Holding value to money, most of Arya's pieces are dual or multipurpose.

Arya, as a custom venture, also creates bespoke outfits for brides, their bridesmaids, flower girls, and families.

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                      Perfect for your loved ones. >>>
Featured here, is a gorgeous peacock with feathery
plumes that has a dual purpose- a statement

brooch or an attention grabbing pendant.
Available on pre-order.

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